The Labyrinth

Our labyrinth is our own design but can mean many different things to different people. It is perfect for the union of a couple coming together to share their lives, as each enters their own pathway to the labyrinth, both of which wind their way to the center gazebo without crossing. A central path way is for the couple to exit and/or the official conducting the union may use this path to meet the couple in the center, at the gazebo. Or the pathways can represent a spiritual journey, honoring a transition or ritual, a reflection of self, or holding a question in your heart and being open to hearing an answer. We were very careful in retaining all the charms and artifacts left over from the original labyrinth and have displayed them around the perimeter of the new labyrinth for all to see and remember. In keeping with the tradition of the previous labyrinth, guests are welcome to leave items that have significance to them.