The Labyrinth

The design of our labyrinth is uniquely original and symbolic of the personal journey each of us must take throughout life. Its function and purpose are multidimensional and can mean different things to each individual. It represents choices made, trials faced, successes achieved and resulting failures along the way, all of which contribute to define and shape us, making us who we are. It represents the joining of a couple, a spiritual journey, the honoring of traditions or rituals, the reflection of self or holding a question in your heart and being open to hearing an answer. It represents the acceptance of things beyond one’s control, the courage to change and the seeking of truth and wisdom.

Great care has been taken in collecting and retaining all the charms and artifacts from the original labyrinth for display around the perimeter for our returning guests to see and remember. In keeping with the tradition of the previous labyrinth, all guests are welcome to leave items that have personal significance to them.